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Public access

The journal “Mechanics and Mathematical Methods” is a journal in the public domain, which means that all the information is accessible and free for the user or the institution. The users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print or search the entire articles or use them for any other legitimate purposes without the prior permission of the publisher or author.

The statements of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) were taken as a basis:

“Under “open access” [to the research literature] we mean free access via the Internet, and every user is able to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or make reference to full-text articles, find out with Indexers, enter them as the data in the software, or use for other legitimate purposes in the absence of financial, legal and technical barriers. The only limitation and dissemination and the only condition of copyright in this area should be the right of the author to control the integrity of the work and exclusive reference to author’s name when using it and quoting … "

Author's ethics
Originality and plagiarism

The authors of the article should ensure that they wrote a completely original work, and if the authors used the work and/or the words of other authors, it should be noted by the reference or indicated in the text.

Plagiarism has many forms, from representation someone’s work to copying or rehashing substantial parts of borrowed work (without any reference to the source), as well as claiming their rights to the results obtained in the researches, carried out by the others. Plagiarism in all its forms is unethical behavior and it is inadmissible.

The submission of the same manuscript in more than one journal at the same time is an unethical behavior and inadmissible. The author should not submit the article which has already been published in another journal.

Authorship of the work

The authorship should be limited by those people who made a significant contribution to the concept, planning, or interpretation of the described research.

All the persons who have made a significant contribution must be listed as co-authors. If any person has taken in any significant part of the project, he should be appreciated or included in the list of co-authors.

Information disclosure and conflict of interest.

All the authors should disclose financial or other significant conflict of interest in their manuscript that could affect the manuscript evaluation. All the sources of financial support for the project should be disclosed.

Mistakes in published works

If the author finds mistake or inaccuracy in his published work, he has to notify urgently the chief editor and work with him to publish the refutation or correction of the article. If the chief editor learns from the third person that a published work contains a significant mistake, the author's responsibility is to promptly refute or correct the article, or submit a proof of the correctness of the published work to the chief editor.

Study validity

The responsibility for the content of the publication and the study validity presented in the article rest with the authors. The authors must compare the references with the quoted works.

In the manuscript the authors have to indicate where and within which scientific programs the research was carried out.

License Agreement

The Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Mechanics and Mathematical Methods”, before accepting the manuscript, signs with the Author license agreement for granting Journal “Mechanics and Mathematical Methods” the exclusive rights to this manuscript. The authors reserve the copyrights, which are described in detail in the information for the authors. The authors should read this form before signing the agreement.

The author signs an exclusive license agreement stating that he owns the copyright to the Work.

The order of the review of scientific articles submitted to the editorial office:
  1. The manuscripts of scientific articles, submitted to the editorial board, must be necessarily reviewed;
  2. The chairman of the editorial board determines the conformity between the manuscript and the journal profile and the processing requirements;
  3. After article reviewing at the meeting of the editorial board, the manuscript is sent to the specialist (Doctor or PhD) to be reviewed, who has the closest scientific specialization to the article subject. If the article does not correspond to the journal’s subject, the author is reported that it is not possible to publish it;
  4. The type of review is double blind (anonymous) one. The manuscripts are private ownership of the authors and include non-disclosure information. The reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the articles, as well as submit the articles for reviewing to another specialist;
  5. The review period is not more than two weeks;
  6. The reviewer evaluates:
    • the conformity between the article and its name;
    • the structure of the article (the subject of the research, the problem definition, the progress of the research, the results and conclusions);
    • the scientific novelty;
    • advantages and disadvantages of the article.
  7. All the materials are the subject to mandatory review of plagiarism;
  8. The reviewer gives an opinion on the possibility of publishing the article:
    • to admit the article;
    • to admit the article with a minor revision. The text of the review is sent to the author with the proposal to make the necessary changes and additions to the article or to refute the comments of the reviewer reasonably, then the manuscript of the article is considered at the meeting of the editorial board concerning the requirements of the reviewer;
    • to consider the article again after substantial processing. The text of the review is sent to the author with the proposal to rework the article, then the redone article is sent to re-reviewing;
    • to reject an article. Motivated refusal is sent to the author; the article can not be examined again.
  9. Accepted manuscript is not returned to the author;
  10. Refused paper with the text of the motivated refusal are returned to the author.


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